Evaluating Home Inspectors

A Checklist for Realtors

Most homebuyers trust their realtor. Realtors work hard to earn that trust. Your client may look to you for advice when choosing a home inspection company. If you give them a list of companies to consider, make sure you’ve done your homework. The following checklist will help.

Before the inspection check that:

  • The inspector is a member of the Home Inspectors Association of BC (HIABC)
  • All questions are answered promptly & professionally
  • The company is able to schedule the inspection at a convenient time
  • A copy of the Scope of the Inspection is sent to your client prior to the inspection
  • The company has an informative website
  • Your client is encouraged to attend the inspection


During the inspection observe whether the inspector:

  • Arrives at the property on time and is presentable and prepared
  • Treats everyone present with courtesy and respect
  • Explains the inspection process to the client
  • Carries out the inspection without damaging the home
  • Is efficient but does not appear rushed
  • Sticks to business and avoids making irrelevant comments (ones that have nothing to do with the condition of the home).


After the inspection see if the inspector:

  • Delivers the report in a timely manner (preferably on site)
  • Explains the findings of the inspection in a simple and straightforward manner without a lot of technical jargon
  • Puts any problems found into perspective
  • Avoids offering an opinion on whether to purchase the home
  • Encourages the client to call with questions as long as they own the home
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