Getting Ready for a Home Inspection

Most homebuyers will use a home inspector when they purchase their home. The following suggestions will help you choose a reliable home inspection company and to understand what to expect from a home inspection.


→ Adjust your expectations:

  • no house is perfect
  • inspector is looking for visible signs of major deficiencies

→ You are encouraged to attend the inspection (AT LEAST the last hour)
→ You are encouraged to describe any particular concerns when booking the inspection
→ Call the inspection company you’ve chosen PRIOR TO the booked inspection if you have any special concerns, so they can make the inspector aware of these concerns before-hand
→ CONDOS: Read and highlight any concerns in the Strata Minutes and/or Building Envelope Reports – discuss these with the inspector


→ Provide unimpeded access to:

  • electrical panel
  • crawlspace access
  • attic access
  • heating system (furnace or boiler)

→ Ensure everything is turned on – fireplaces, furnace or boiler, all breakers – and if not, ensure the inspector knows why not
→ It’s ok either way, but it is more convenient and efficient if you are not home
→ Get your pets under control – locked up or removed during the inspection
→ Provide details of any previous major repairs/additions/renovations

  • completed permits
  • transferable warranties

→ CONDOS: have your realtor help arrange access to mechanical rooms, common areas, and the roof; provide previous reports and minutes with the building manager or strata representative

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