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The home inspection and real estate market has changed dramatically in the past 20 years. As technology advances and consumers become more web-savvy, there is a greater need for products and services that can keep pace. As we are all becoming more earth-aware and conscious of our impact on the environment, a need for paperless communication is increasing.

HORIZON is a comprehensive web-based reporting system that produces an exceptional report that is published and posted on the web exclusively for the buyer or seller. The report includes fantastic benefits such as colour illustrations, and links to relevant reference materials.

Why was HORIZON developed?

Carson Dunlop has long been viewed as setting the industry standard in home inspection report writing systems. They wrote the Home Reference Book® (HRB) in 1988, using the technology and information that was available then and is updated continuously using the information available now. We use the HRB because it is a great reporting tool for us and a fantastic report and reference tool for our clients!

Today, a great deal of Home Inspectors use an electronic report writing system. As the recognized leader and innovator in the market, Carson Dunlop set out to update their reporting system in 2001. It has taken them 5 years of work to develop a system good enough to meet the exacting standards and expectations of our customers. Because of the high standard and quality of this reporting system, we at James Dobney Inspections have chosen it as the electronic reporting system that will be most informative and beneficial to our customers. Click on the report image below to view a sample report.

How will a HORIZON inspection and report benefit me?

Horizon takes everything that’s great about the Home Reference Book®, adds all the things that the Home Reference Book® does not have and delivers the information in a permanent and easy to use format!

A HORIZON home inspection report will provide you with:Horizon - Electronic Reports

  • An easy-to-read format
  • No more handwriting issues
  • No more big comments squeezed into a small area
  • No more legends or symbols to decipher
  • Color illustrations
  • No codes or symbols
  • No extraneous information included
  • Quick links to reference materials
  • Simple navigation to any section of the report through the tabs at the top of each page
  • A report that is easy to send copies to others
  • A report that is easy to store
  • A report that is great for pre-listing inspections (the whole report can be accessed through a link to a web page, and photographs can be integrated into the report)
  • A report that is more customized and less generic

How HORIZON Works – it’s a seamless recording, reporting and sharing of important information.

  1. If requested, a report can be printed and mailed to the client. This report provides a prospective purchaser/seller with everything they will need to make an informed decision.
  2. A more elegant report is published and posted on the web. The web report includes colour illustrations, and links to relevant reference materials. It will be delivered by email the same day as the inspection in most cases. Home inspection reports produced on the web are in PDF format. They can be downloaded and printed easily without a loss of quality. They can be stored on a hard drive, and we commit to keeping them available online for at least 12 months.

Of course, the inspection reports are your property, you can choose to share reports with friends and family, real estate agents, lenders, insurance companies and other interested parties. The duplication and transmittal of reports is effectively free, since the reports are available on a web page, and the link to the web page is simply emailed to the recipient.

We hope that you find our new reporting system as exciting as we do. We still have our Home Reference Book® report available, for those clients who wish to have the written report or do not have an email that the report can be sent to.

We are always working to ensure we are providing the highest quality reporting system, and as always, we welcome your feedback and/or comments.

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