Client Reviews

We perform over 3,000 inspections every year, and regularly get feedback from our clients. Here are some of their recent comments:

“I appreciated the office staff. She was clear and thorough, and made me feel like I was working with a competent business. Setting an appointment with the inspector we were referred to was easy and the appointment set at a convenient time for us, within 48 hours of contact. I especially appreciated Geoff Baile, our Inspector. He spent 3 hours with us at the residence, most of that working with a trainee doing the actual inspection, but then another 45 minutes showing me what he found. I am grateful to have had this precious time to examine the house with him, to discuss what maintenance was necessary, to see first hand the results of his inspection. Geoff helped me to get a sense of where the weak spots were, and through his findings we were able to piece together the history fo the house: what had been built well and maintained well, or not. Geoff was superbly competent and knowledgeable, thorough, and forthcoming. I really felt comfortable with him, and sensed a true desire to help.
Sean L, November 2019

“The inspector, Jon Sheppard was excellent; friendly and easy to communicate with. I especially appreciated Jon’s expertise and the pre-work that he did prior to the actual inspection. I would definitely use James Dobney again!”
Pritika S, September 2019

“Sheldon gave thorough answers on email (some other companies just said see website). I liked a followup call with inspector afterwards to go over findings.”
Kelly M, August 2019

“Jon was especially great at communicating the results of the inspection and made it interesting. ”
Elaine W, August 2019

“In 2008 I hired your firm to inspect our current house, fast forward to 2019, we were ready to sell and the buyers were trying to gain leverage and come up with false issues regarding our property in order to shave $ off the deal. Your team worked with me to ensure that we were properly covered and were able to provide correct information back to the buyers, unfortunately, the buyers decided to not use a reputable inspection company. The owner Henry walked me through all details at 6pm on a Friday night. We successfully sold our house, and the buys had zero leverage for further negotiating!!!! To say the service was excellent is an understatement, honestly blown away by your business model and your approach to inspections. We recently had our new house inspected by your team and it was excellent. You have a client for life!”
Sarah M, May 2019

“Sheldon, my inspector, took lots of time explaining every part of my report to me, knowing it was the fist one i had done, and that I was quite unfamiliar with a lot of the procedures. He also spoke directly to ME, not my realtor, which was very respectful and appreciated…he really took the time to educate me about my condo! Caron in the office who took my appointment was also wonderful; she took the time to explain to process of getting the inspection and how things would go, and again, treated me with total respect over the phone, making me feel like i was a real VIP. Thanks very much to both of you for an exceptional and professional experience!”
Carly H, March 2019

“Geoff Baile was thorough and clear in his comments and answers. He made further recommendations to contact the building management with specific questions about the roof, which I did, and pointed out the need to upgrade fuse box. I would feel comfortable taking him up on his offer to call if I had more questions.”
Susan W, March 2019

“The receptionist (Nancy) was very friendly, helpful, and positive. The home inspector (Jon Sheppard) was very easy to talk to, knowledgeable, and experienced. I felt they went over and beyond to ensure I was in good hands. I was happy with detailed report and even went home with reference book!”
Marianne W, September 2018

“I used your company last time in 2011 and it was great! I liked how much time Sheldon spent on the house and how thorough he was, answering all of our questions. It was all exceptional! ”
Candice J, September 2018

“Your previous report was excellent and your prices are good. The service as exactly what we asked for. ”
Doug C, January 2018

“The inspector, Al Boire, was terrific. He understood our time constraints and accommodated them, competent… just wonderful.”
Margot O, January 2018

“Have dealt with many in the past, but only called James Dobney for my own inspection. Sheldon was very thorough and knowledgeable but spoke in terms what were easily understandable.”
Anita A, December 2017

“Referral. When my husband called for information it was explained very well by the lady in the office and when I called to make the appointment I as helped quickly and very thorough.”
Michelle W, December 2017

“Good value; licensed & experienced inspectors; inspector, Jon Sheppard, reviewed depreciation report in advance of inspection; easy to book inspection ( liked initiating booking through website).”
Shannon L, November 2017

“The inspectors, Geoff and Jon, were thorough, helpful, and had suggestions for how to make small improvements which was really nice. They reviewed the depreciation report which was appreciated. The report format was easy to follow, and nice that it’s ready almost right away.”
Alyson P, October 2017

“Al is always so thorough and excellent to deal with. Nancy in the office is just delightful and the whole process and service is of the utmost professional standard.”
Heidi M, October 2017

“The inspector Jon was extremely pleasant, knowledgeable and went the extra mile when it came to identifying and explaining problems and various approaches to how issues could be handled. He also made it clear that we could follow up with him by phone if we had any further questions, which we really appreciated.
Everything was top notch! In a real estate market like Vancouver where people cut corners daily, it’s hard to know whom to trust. I feel extremely confident in recommending James Dobney Inspections for an honest evaluation to help me make an informed choice as a buyer.”
Melanie R, September 2017

“I really liked the inspector Al Boire. He was open and explained what I needed to know in a way I could understand easily. Retain the service you have – honestly – it was a really good experience!”
Janet S, August 2017

“I was going to call 2 or 3 companies but Iryna inspired such confidence and gave such a knowledgeable explanation of how an inspection is done on a high rise condo that I hired you guys on the spot. Professionalism, Jon’s willingness to communicate fully and answer misc questions I had about how to install light blocking blinds and so forth.”
Dave H, August 2017

“Perfect experience. Everyone I dealt with was extremely nice and actually seemed to enjoy their job.”
Kyle W, July 2017

“You always have been our first choice. Fast, efficient, polite and knowledgeable … your staff and inspector Jon talked to us in general terms – easy to understand.”
Tom C, July 2017

“The Caron and Vanessa in the office are quick, patient and a pleasure to deal with. One picks up where the other left off. Prompt service. Prompt appointment set up in 2 days, with no problem switching it to 3 days due to schedules. Inspector, Al Boire – excellent, well spoken and very knowledgeable. Keep doing what you are doing. Dealing with James Dobney was a great choice. you have your act together.”
Judy C, June 2017

“The inspector Sheldon was thorough and was willing to show me the issues and answered all of my questions. Turn around time for a digital copy of the inspection report was really fast.”
Rajan S, June 2017

“The home inspector Geoff was on time, clear in his descriptions, professional, knowledgeable, and open to follow up questions. I appreciate there are number of issues that require attention with this home and I have a good idea of the priorities to deal with first.”
Stephanie S, May 2017

“The inspector, Jon Sheppard, took his time and made sure we understood both the site inspection and final report. He also included helpful tips for the future. The online report format is great!”
Tia W, May 2017

“You were able to accommodate me when a last minute change of plan forced me to scramble to get an inspection done on the day I first called, and I liked the fact Jon allowed me to be present during the entire inspection and took the time to explain what he saw and answer any of my questions. As a first time home buyer I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to feel confident that they’re making the right investment.”
Jason N, April 2017

“My friend highly recommended James Dobney! Sheldon answered all my inquiries and teach me how to protect and take care my new home plus teach me how to use the new features in my place! And he gave me a huge reference home book and a detail summary verbal and paper report to me! So professional! He just like a walking home Wikipedia! So friendly and comfortable to have a such experience with James Dobney inspection! And I learned so much from them ! I certainly think I did a great decision to choose this company! I think it far beyond my expectations! I’d already satisfied with its service!”
Jade T, April 2017

“The inspector, Al Boire, arrived on time and proceeded with the inspection. When needed, there were discussions about certain items in the home. At the end of the inspection, he explained the results. It was the best money we spent and saved us from purchasing a house that needed thousands of dollars worth of improvements.”
Shirley J, March 2017

“Sheldon was so patient with me and took the time to explain everything in simple, digestible terms. As a young first-time homebuyer, this was so important. He was punctual and professional. I am very satisfied. ”
Tique C, March 2017

” I had seen you on BCTV and thought I should contact you in regards to my biggest investment. Al was very knowledgeable, thorough, informative, professional, punctual, and he took his time evaluating the home and looking for any issues on my behalf. I left the inspection feeling more confident about my decision. By having a home inspection done it gave me a good sense of what things would need attention in the very near future.”
Ajit A, February 2017

“The office staff were so wonderful to work with and helped accommodate my changing needs and a last minute appointment. Sheldon, my inspector was lovely and informative. Very thorough and made sure I was comfortable with every aspect we discussed.”
Hailey C, January 2017

“Inspector Sheldon physically showed me the items he was talking about and explained things thoroughly. I appreciated the book detailing how to maintain a home. It will be a valuable reference tool.”
Sheryl D, December 2016

“Caron was so pleasant and helpful in the booking process. Al was fabulous and let me tag along around the inspection asking lots of questions as we went. He took the time to explain everything to me as we went and again afterwards. Truly shows passion for what he is doing.”
Moira F, November 2016

“The office staff were so wonderful to work with and helped accommodate my changing needs and a last minute appointment. The inspector, Sheldon Hoekstra, was lovely and informative. Very thorough and made sure I was comfortable with every aspect we discussed.”
Hailey C, November 2016

“I went straight to James Dobney because I used you guys for my last inspection and was satisfied. Good communication with inspector (Jon Sheppard) about issues and possible issues.”
Mark L, October 2016

“My inspector was Geoff Baile. I liked the speed of receiving report and format of the report. Was thoroughly impressed.”
Russell G, October 2016

“I appreciated the prompt and friendly response to my phone inquiry and the efforts made to accomodate my request for next day inspection. The inspection, Sheldon Hoekstra, was friendly and informative shile working quickly. Well laid out report and thanks for the reference book! I’m also very pleased that I can call you for follow up info any time.”
Alison C, July 2016

“I liked areas of inspection; the detailed report; immediate response to a very short notice; the inspector, Al Boire, was on time, explained and showed me everything; my first contact was the office who was friendly, helpful and professional which decreased my stress as this was my first time experience; the details of the agreement were clearly explained; the home inspection report binder is great reference tool, well laid out and illustrated.”
Linda W, July 2016

“The inspector, Geoff Baile, was very informative and explained every detail I needed.”
Sona K, May 2016

“I took my agent’s recommendation and your office staff (Vanessa) was so efficient that I didn’t need to look further. Jon, our inspector, was very clear and thorough in his description of everything that we went over, and told me several times that I could call if I had further questions. He pointed out several things about my place I hadn’t noticed, both good and bad.”
Wendy R, May 2016

“It was exceptionally thorough and we received really good advice from Jon Sheppard on how to handle every single problem (big and small) that was found.  I was thoroughly impressed and very satisfied!”
Jessica H, April 2016

“Inspector, Al Boire was friendly, knowledgeable, informative. We discussed other issues, one was the wildlife in the area (esp. rats and spiders).”
Verna L, April 2016

“Geoff was great at explaining what kind of repairs needed to be done to the house. His excellent communication skills put us at ease. He was very thorough and went into great detail.”
Ying W, March 2016

“You were highly recommended by trusted friend. Al Boire was very friendly and very informative. We appreciate the time he spent with us. Very thorough.”
Rita C, March 2016

“Geoff Baile had a very confident, reassuring manner while being very friendly and polite. I was very impressed with him.”
William R, February 2016

” I liked that when I pointed out items in the special reports & strata documents that I felt required more in-depth attention the home inspector, Bill Cockerill took that into account and did a thorough job investigating these issues for me.”
Ryan L, February 2016

“We had used you for the inspection of our existing home. I especially liked that both Al and his assistant were knowledgeable, approachable, friendly and thorough.”
Patricia P, January 2016

“Prompt, professional, knowledgeable, courteous. Everything was totally explained in details to both of us and all questions answered. Everything was excellent and we were extremely pleased with Jon and our first inspector Peter. Both were very well versed in all areas to be inspected and knowledgeable.”
Del B, December 2015

“Bill Cockerill is by far the best inspector I have ever come across in the industry. He is professional, thorough and honest. I have never had a client who was dissatisfied with him or his inspections.”
Paul K (Royal LePage Realty), November 2015

“Office staff very friendly and efficient. They were accommodating to our work schedules. Inspector, Geoff Baile, was very patient and explained everything in easy to understand language. Also very thorough.”
Bailey P, November 2015

“I liked that Jon met me at my level when it came to what needed to be done before I moved in, safety measures, strata. He was friendly, and clarified when I didn’t understand something. He didn’t ramble on about stuff I didn’t understand using big words, he was empathetic and reasonable. I have all the confidence in the world with his skills and the service he gave.”
Jennifer M, October 2015

“Peter was very thorough and explained everything to me. Nothing I didn’t like. Nothing that you could do better.”
Sandy M, October 2015

“Two people gave really good references for your service. I liked the level of professionalism of both the inspectors, Geoff Baile and Bill Cockerill, and the customer service of the booking agent. I liked that I was dealing with one person during the booking and they responded to all emails with a confirmation note.”
Nicole L, October 2015

“Previous experience was excellent. Had to reschedule many times and staff never became frustrated or less than professional. Always polite, helpful and accommodating.”
Laurel P, September 2015

“Bill Cockerill did an inspection. Detailed information on findings, easily explained, very thorough, overall top notch.”
Mike M, September 2015

“This was a recommendation from my realtor. He said he uses your company for all his inspections. It was extremely fast and professional. I was very satisfied with the digital format of the inspection report. The inspector was very clear and knowledgeable. I very much had a wonderful and informative experience with Al Boire. I was over-all impressed.”
Raiane V, August 2015

“Our inspector, Jon, made me feel at home, very calm and he was super knowledgeable and had the ability to educate in a humorous way.”
Trevor M, August 2015

“We felt that our inspector, Peter, was very efficient and he was very good in explaining everything.”
Barbara & Robert C, July 2015

“The inspector, Jon, was very informative, knowledgeable, and had excellent communication skills. I can see he clearly cared about my interest with the home purchase, just as if it were his own. I was very pleased with all aspects, from you prompt call-back, the explanation and sign-up process with the wonderful lady who called me back, and the overall inspection process with Jon. Thank you!”
Andrew I, July 2015

“I liked the digital version of the home inspection book. I really liked how our inspector, Geoff Baile, was available to answer questions as we weren’t at the inspection.”
Ine V, June 2015

“The customer service from beginning to end was very professional and courteous. All of our questions were answered in a very polite manner and the staff was very knowledgeable. The delivery of e-mail of reports/receipts and anything we required or needed was very fast.”
Walter S, June 2015

“Bill made me feel very comfortable and answered all my questions and fears I had about buying a townhome. My biggest fear is a crawlspace which he checked very closely and I am feeling more comfortable about this now. Ceiling in living area had a previous repair but Bill set my mind at rest about this also. I felt he was being very honest with me letting me know of the issues he found. Now I know what needs doing before we move into our townhome. ”
Colette F, May 2015

“The inspector was very knowledgeable and approachable. He provided insight during and after the inspection (debriefing) which I found helpful and worth every dollar. I liked the detailed report as a PDF document. ”
Michael T, May 2015

“Al Boire did an exceptionally fabulous job for us. He knows his job and makes it easy for the clients to understand his report. We liked availability, communication – email and phone calls to confirm everything, excellent professional skills which gives us more confidence about this property.”
Muhammad Ali Nadeem A, April 2015

“Everything was good. The inspector, Geoff Baile, was very informative and friendly. He gave us extra tips and showed us more than needed which showed he cared. He did not seem rushed. We were confident in his evaluation.”
Susan Y, April 2015

“Inspector, Bill Cockerill, was thorough, professional, and had great communication skills. Office staff on phone were friendly, clear, and efficient. We feel we received fantastic service.”
Deb A, March 2015

“My experiences can probably be summed up thus: the end of the day, after the inspector had departed, I was left feeling like I hadn’t paid enough for the service. From first to last, things were absolutely exemplary. Erica called me literally seconds after submitting the online booking form, and I glided through what was probably the most pleasantly efficient phone call I’ve ever had. My experience went from strength to strength though when I met Jon, my inspector. Consummately professional, Jon had a twinkle in his eye and after latching on quickly to the fact that I was a first-time buyer, he was particularly patient and good-humoured, and explained everything from the technicalities of the inspection through to some home maintenance tips and even negotiation techniques for dealing with contractors. Just by noticing some new wood in an odd part of the crawlspace, he picked up on some water damage that had been repaired. Our house has a particularly high ceiling in the living room, and one catchphrase of his, “always look up” stuck with me and will no doubt help catch some maintenance issues early in the future.
All professional services should be like this! So I wanted to thank both James Dobney the company and Jon personally for the fantastic experience with my inspection. You have made a customer for life, and I will recommend you every chance I get. Thanks again!”
Tim E, March 2015

“Every step of the process was efficient and professional. I originally emailed with some questions and I was called back within minutes. The receptionist was friendly and knowledgeable and did everything she could to accommodate a very short notice request. The inspector … was remarkably thorough and patient while he explained his findings to two people who know very little about houses. He even encouraged us to call anytime with questions. The layout of the reports and links to additional information about each section was very helpful. The home reference book will definitely be a part of our permanent library. Unfortunately, the house didn’t work out and we had to schedule another appointment. We called 20 minutes before close on a Sunday night and they were able to schedule us for 8:30AM Monday morning. The receptionist even encouraged us to call her at home if there were any changes or we needed anything else. We were really disappointed when he couldn’t do the inspection because he was so friendly and his work was so thorough. Somehow, Jon Sheppard was just as wonderful as (the previous inspector)! He took his time to walk us through the house and show us things we might want to fix immediately, things to watch for, and potential future projects. He took us through each page of the report in further detail. He also showed genuine passion for his job. When he found something in the house that was particularly well designed or maintained he looked almost as excited as a kid on Christmas! Working with James Dobney was a truly enjoyable experience. Home buying is a stressful process. We did both of our inspections before even placing an offer on the house, so paying for an inspection before having a clue if you’re about to be wildly outbid can feel risky. It gave us comfort that we were getting a quality report from a company that was friendly and that we trusted. What we received seemed like great value for the price we paid, and we actually learned a thing or two about homes along the way. Thanks so much to the reception staff and Jon who were all a pleasure to work with!”
Kristin T, February 2015

“Yvonne was lovely on the phone and talked me through what I should expect. Geoff, the inspector, communicated in such a way that I understood everything he was telling me, but also communicated with my father (an engineer) on his level. I was very impressed with his thoroughness, and would recommend James Dobney to anyone looking at getting an inspection.”
Kathleen S, February 2015

“I liked the willingness of the inspector (Del) to have a conversation about the property; I could engage directly with my concerns and get the clarifications I needed. It was great. It gave me the pause I needed in thinking about the purchase. Thanks!”
Veronica S, January 2015

“I found the inspector (Al Boire) easy to communicate with. The ability to continue to contact you with follow up questions is reassuring.”
Pennie L, December 2014

“I liked the follow-up service and phone consultations. Our inspector (Jon Sheppard) was just wonderful. He really picked up on my anxiety with the inspection and paid special attention to explain things to me so they weren’t so overwhelming.”
Kelli C, December 2014

“Bill didn’t mind that I came along with him. He answered all of my questions respectfully and called me back on Easter Monday to respond to further questions. Prompt, friendly and thorough. ”
Michelle S, November 2014

“I found (the inspector) not only very knowledgeable, but unfailingly polite, friendly and informative. He pointed out problems that I had failed to notice during my first visit to the property, and explained what had caused them, what could be done about them, whose responsibility they were (the owner or the strata) a time frame for rectifying them, and whether they were trivial or serious. As a result I’ll what to look for before I make another offer on a property in the future.
I will certainly ask your company to perform my next property inspection, and hope you’ll convey to your office staff and (inspectors) my wholehearted thanks for their professionalism.”
Sharon R, November 2014

“Your company had inspected my townhouse that I own and I was so happy with the job that I didn’t research anyone else to do this inspection. There was no question I was using your company again. I liked the fact that I leave with the report in hand; having the meeting at the end of the inspection; not feeling time pressured when asking questions about the inspection; having photos to document the findings; getting us in for an inspection within the 7 day time frame for closing the offer on the house. ”
Melanie T, October 2014

“We had a fabulous experience with Jon Shepperd, he was very informative and easy to understand. I have already recommended you guys. Honestly, Jon did such an amazing job and made us feel much more comfortable about buying our first home. ”
Becky K, October 2014

“Del was my inspector and he was fabulous! He was so thorough and I felt truly well taken care of — what a treasure as an employee!”
Camille N, September 2014

“Polite, professional, thorough. We had Fraser and I would definitely recommend him. His eye for detail is very good. We appreciate even hearing bad news because we may not ever find the issue on our own.”
Ally B, September 2014

“The inspector Bill Cockerill was very pleasant and professional”
Pamela R, August 2014

“Al was fast and explained things extremely well and easy for me to understand”
Keri M, August 2014

“I liked your professionalism and how thorough the inspector was. Geoff caught things that the owners of the house we were buying were unaware of and were able to repair immediately. You saved us $5000! All was excellent.”
Nicole W, July 2014

“I liked the friendliness of your admin staff. They knew who I was every time I called. They cleared up any misunderstandings I had with the different types of reports available (Horizon or paper). I liked that you had the Horizon option so pictures were available. (The inspector) answered ALL our questions and my father had a lot. He was extremely polite and answered as many as he could.”
Meghan O, July 2014

“I really liked my inspector Jon Sheppard. You could tell right away that he enjoys his job. He was engaging, friendly, funny and incredibly thorough during the inspection. I will recommend him to all my friends and family when they are ready to have house inspections.”
Miranda T, June 2014

“Everything was easy – talking to nice staff on phone, booking appointments and being flexible with my schedule, communication was thorough with both Inspector and the people I talked to on the phone, inspector Al was extremely knowledgeable and had answers to all my questions/concerns.”
Jennifer Y, June 2014

“Expedient, efficient, friendly & very knowledgeable. Bill was great. He was easy to talk to and understood what I was looking for & made great suggestions for me. He was honest and straightforward. He didn’t hide anything & I felt confident in the process.”
David B, May 2014

“Being able to tag-along with inspector (Del) and getting explanations and tips/tricks along the way. I also really like the fact that I can contact the inspector after we
move into the new house in case something was missed or follow up questions.”
Mandeep J, May 2014

“Geoff was professional and thorough. Listened to and addressed our concerns.”
Paul L, April 2014

“I really enjoyed the person who took my calls. The customer service is amazing! The inspector did a great job on walk thru and recommendations. A real professional.”
Simon Q, April 2014

“Frank, clear response to concerns without concern about realtor’s presence. Bill was not afraid to bring up sensitive issue of leaky condo. Backed up recommendations with clear evidence.”
Glynis M, March 2014

“Peter was very approachable and knowledgeable. Explained what he was doing. Very helpful and thorough.”
Tayler R, March 2014

“Del was great. He was very thorough and we would request him again. Trust his opinion a lot”
Leanne and Charlie H, February 2014

“We loved that the inspector (Jon) took us around the house and showed us every room and floor so that we knew exactly what we were getting ourselves into, and then when he sat down with us afterwards to go over everything it all made sense. We also liked that he gave us simple solutions to fix some of the smaller problems.”
Natasha S, February 2014

“Overall the service was great. The inspector was nice and he did a very thorough inspection. I believe I spoke to Erica and she was very pleasant and helpful.”
Wendy B, January 2014

“Al took the time to explain to us his observations and what should be done to correct the problems throughout the inspection. Very professional.”
Chris S, January 2014

“Very comprehensive inspection and explanation at short notice and stir an open house – excellent service.”
Grant C, December 2013

“Your inspector, Jon, was very thorough and gave us many ideas that will be implemented once we have possession of the condo.”
Gloria B, December 2013

“I liked the availability of the inspectors. Friendly staff at the office helped me out even followed up with me to make sure I did things correctly to have it arranged in time. Bob was fantastic. He allowed me to go through the entire process with him and explained everything he was doing with me as he did it. It was very educational and informative. He was very friendly and took his time to answer all my questions. I feel well confident in the inspection, the report and am satisfied that I can get help by phone any time I need it. The book was very helpful.”
Stefano C, November 2013

“Outstanding inspector, friendly; professional. Excellent administration staff, efficient booking & payment process.”
Maggie S, October 2013

“Jon was very thorough, and incredibly personable. He was very pleasant, and helpful in explaining the issues he found. I especially liked that he explained which were things that needed immediate attention, those which were longer term issues and those which weren’t much of a concern.”
James R, November 2013

“Customer Service over the phone from Nancy was excellent. Very helpful. Jon was awesome, very thorough, very professional, just excellent…..walked through with us and involved our son. WOW! Excellent and a great sense of humour too!”
Joanne B, November 2013

“I bought a 24 year old home that needed some updates and repairs. I was given a very detailed report that has helped with all my home renovations. I knew exactly what to tell the renovation crew needed fixing.”
Linda J, October 2013

“I appreciated the speed of service as we had a offer closing shortly. Bill Cockerill was thorough and great to explain to what he was doing.”
Lorraine D, October 2013

“Booking the appointment was very easy and the admin staff was helpful and efficient. The home inspector was fantastic. He was on time, friendly and really helped educate me on proper maintenance of the home and explained everything on the report in terms that I could understand.”
Cori C, September 2013

“The reaction to my needs – you were able to schedule something immediately and were willing to make a real effort to help which I appreciated.”
Rachael R, September 2013

“The inspector was very personable. Very easy to talk to.”
Ronny Z, August 2013

“Very knowledgable inspector (Del Eyre), easy to talk to about issues, provided sound advice in an easy-to-digest mannar, and he was approachable. We felt confident that we well informed about the property.”
Jeffrey R, July 2013

“Your were able to come on very short notice, your inspector was thorough and knew his business well. He also took detailed notes and explained everything he found in ways I could easily understand.”
Brenda A, July 2013

“I enjoyed the ease of calling into the office and being able to speak with someone right away. The level of confidence and questions asked about the inspection made me feel like I was speaking with an organized business.”
John B, July 2013

“We loved the electronic report that was provided. We also had complete confidence in our inspector and believe he paid attention to every single detail that he could.”
Clarissa L, July 2013

“Inspector seemed confident and knowledgable. He was kind, courteous, and made us feel confident with our decision. It was a good experience”
Gregory P, July 2013

“The staff upon answering my phone calls have been exceptional in their customer service skills. They were very patient and informative in explaining the procedures and payment of an inspection. Mr. Herb Koehn, the inspector, has been outstanding overall. His ability to explain the inspection in simplistic terms and in greater detail if the need arose; was greatly appreciated.”
Michelle D, June 2013

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