Why Inspect

Peace of mind

Buying a property can be stressful, sometimes involving considerable uncertainty, and often with time constraints on the decision making process. A Pre-Purchase Inspection removes a number of the unknowns and greatly increases the likelihood of a successful purchase. Whether you’re looking for a starter home, a condominium, a townhouse or the home of your dreams, a Pre-Purchase Inspection makes good sense.

An inspection gives you the opportunity to have an unbiased discussion of your home-buying goals with an extensively trained and experienced professional.

Pre-Renovation inspection by a qualified home inspector can help you separate your NEEDS from your WANTS.  It provides you with an opportunity for an unbiased discussion of your goals with an experienced professional. Proper preparation for your home improvement project will save you money, energy and help avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary stress down the road.

Real estate buyers

Know what you are buying. A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a critical component in making an informed decision. Learn more about the condition of the home you want to purchase. A professional home inspection helps you to buy with confidence.

Real estate sellers

Don’t get caught by surprise. A Pre-Listing Inspection will inform you of problems with your home before an offer is presented. Being aware of issues in advance provides you with the opportunity to address them prior to negotiating with a buyer.

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