GFCI outdoor outlet malfunctioning

Q: Now that spring has arrived we are back outside working around the house and in our garden with power tools. We have two electrical outlets on the outside of our house and neither is working. The one at the front of the house has two buttons on it, one says “test” and the other “reset”. I have pressed both of them multiple times and the outlets are still not working. I have checked the main electrical panel and all of the breakers are on. Do you have any idea what the problem could be?
— Colin in Abbotsford

A: Colin, James Dobney, PresidentI suspect that your GFCI outlet (the one with the test and reset buttons) has failed and requires replacement. The ones that are located outside are more prone to failure than ones on the inside of your home (typically located in the bathroom). My suggestion is to have it replaced by an electrician. Because your other outside outlet is likely connected to it this should restore power to it as well.

I hope this helps.
Regards, James

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